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Having a full pleasure of hunting doves, the best choke for dove hunting is required first of all. Many new shooters or hunters don’t know what the importance of having a good choke is. Well, a perfect choke tube is needed for getting tighter and longer parallel.

What is the best choke for dove hunting? Cylinder or skeet chokes are good for dove hunting. Cylinder (.000) choke is an unconstructed barrel and the shot pattern spreads quickly. Skeet (.005) opens up wide and fast.

Basically, the data is laser marked in every choke and this way it saves time. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a basic knowledge at least about any branded choke tube. We have sorted out top choke tube here.

How To Shoot Dove?

Doves are little and very quick flyer birds. Most of the time, it seems difficult to hit a dove in the air. You need a perfect strategy to hunt and hit a dove. Like other shootings, shooting a dove requires a combination of skill, experience, patience, and the proper instruction. You need to know where and how to shoot and so on to be a one-time killer. 


Before you go dove hunting, you need some essential elements to hunt comfortably.

Tools You Need:

  • Professional Shotgun
  • Shotgun Shell
  • Sunscreen


  • Proper clothing
  • A pair of boot
  • Water
  • Bird vest

How To Shoot Dove Fast?

Call The Doves:

When you are ready as a whole, call the doves by your mouth. It is very easy. Ask any experienced person about how to call a dove.

See The Doves:

when the dove will come over you or cross you, first of all, see the doves clearly and carefully. If you can’t see, you can’t shoot.

Mount The Gun and Swing: 

when you see the doves, mount your gun as per need aiming the target, and swing your gun along with the target in the air. The more you do perfect gun-mounting and swing, the more perfect hit you deserve.

Lock The Target and Hit:

This is the final and finishing part. This part is so sensitive as well. You need to be more efficient about frequent locking and hitting the target through practicing. The more quick lock and hit the more dove in your side.Best Pick

Carlson’s 20 Gauge, Beretta Benelli Choke Tube

Hunting doves or any kind of bird the shooting shotgun should be right and perfect. No matter how experienced you are! If the shooting materials are not excellent. So, introducing a product of Beretta Benelli Choke for dove shooting. The materials used to build the choke body is steel.
For a nice and fabulous hunting experience Carlson’s, choke is the first priority. It provides a tight and parallel pattern. Moreover, the shots are allowed to use lead, steel, TSS, and Hevi-Shot. The structure, stability, usability, efficiency all in one in this choke.

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  • Outstanding Performance:

The choke tube provides superb services and satisfying feelings to users. It offers long and tight shots to target. It’s consistent distance pattern never loses any target.

  • Impeccable Body Structure:

Carlson’s Beretta Benelli is the perfect choke for dove hunting. The body of the tube is made with stainless steel. Besides, laser printed writing in the black tube gives more efficiency.

  • Reduces The Common Problem:

Usually, a shooter or user faces the problem of recoiling or muzzle flip. But the issue has been minimized successfully.

  • Reliable and Durable:

A user can be reliable to buy this product. It’s exceptionally long-lasting and an excellent product. And also rust free!

Overall, Carlson’s Choke got positive feedback from buyers and users. No one complained regarding services or anything of the item. But we like to share a few disadvantages of the product below:

  • Wider Steel Shot not Usable:

Many shots are applicable to users in this choke except bigger steel shots. The shot extended than BB cannot be used.

  • Not Applicable For All Type Of Shotguns:

Every choke model is different, and the shotguns fit with the choke also different. So, only a particular type of shotgun will work with the choke.

What We Liked

  • Sturdy and superb construction.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Provides an excellent pattern.
  • Minimizes muzzle jump and recoiling problem.

What Need Improvement

  • Wider steel shot is not applicable.
  • No additional tools provided.

Top Pick

Carlsons Browing Invector Dove Choke 12 GA

Carlson’s dove chokes 12 ga featured with amazing TST technology. That eliminates denser patterns, pellet deformation and flyers. The choke is manufactured by a USA high-performance engineer. The main of the choke tube is made in a way that can prove reliable and long-lasting. The 17-4 steel material is used with matte polish to present the tube differently.
Even a hunter feels comfortable to shoot with this choke. The choke provides longer and denser parallel shot. Besides, a user won’t face the common issue of muzzle flip or recoil etc. Overall, the choke is outstanding from the performance.

  • Triple Shot Technology:

Carlson Dove choke tube ensures three major components: denser patterns, pellet deformation and flyers. These exclusive features all come within this choke. So, it guarantees the product quality at the same time.

  • Accepts different pallet:

Many different sorts of shots are usable with the choke. Such as TSS, Hevi-Shot, lead, steel and Hevi-Shot.

  • Remarkable Performance:

Shooting with Carlson’s dove choke a hunter is going to get the best performance. The choke ensures tighter, longer and consistent parallel shot. The choke provides it’s best with any range.

  • Life long Ensurity:

The materials and technology are utilized to build the product, it can serve life long without any erosion. It also reduces the shotgun motion problem.

After reading all features and advantages, consider the disadvantages as well. The users have rated and given positive reviews, though. So, have a look at them:

  • Only a Particular Firearm:

It can bother some shooter because the choke only allows some specific shotgun. Before buying ensures which shotgun fits with.

  • High Price:

Carlson’s is a popular brand and offers the best product. So, price is also high compared with other brands.

What We Liked

  • Featured with Triple Shot Technology (TST).
  • Guarantee of tighter and longer patterns.
  • Sturdy body with smart design.
  • Reduce muzzle flip and recoil.

What Need Improvement

  • Fits with specific firearms.
  • Steel pallet quicker than 1550 FPS not acceptable.

What Choke for Dove Hunting?

At the beginning of the season thus dove are young you need improved cylinder with #8 to #9. These are ideal for shooting doves without destroying them. End of the season doves are pretty bigger and more robust and also faster. It’s better to use modified chokes with #7 ½ extra hard shots. This choke is better to get through thicker skin and features.

Also, you can use full chokes if the birds are flying high and fast and the day is pretty clear.

Dove Hunting Choke Recommendations 2022

Different hunters prefer different fire weapons for dove hunting. In most cases, hunter use shotguns with small pellets from size 7.5 to 9.

Before trying any chokes, you can simulate the conditions with clay pigeons and see either any of these works for you or not. Give it 4/5 try to practice or find out the best chokes for dove hunting.

For covering more extended range, modified chokes are better from 40-50 ft.

Standard chokes are recommended when you are shooting from the ground up, walking and shooting birds that will fly off when you are close. The distance of this situation is shorter but you need to fire fast more than one time. You need great ammo and would be 20-30 ft with 2 ft in diameter distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the best for dove shooting?

The best time for dove hunting is early in the morning and in the evening 5 to 7 (pm).

Can i use steel shot for hunting?

Yes, steel can be used. But it must not be larger than choke BB. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Is it legal to hunt dove?

As long as it is not violated bird-killing law of your country. If dove hunting is prohibited in your region, it is illegal to hunt them.

Is 20 Ga or 12 Ga better for dove shooting?

A shooter, first understands the mode of the target. 12 Ga choke is better for the waterfall or turkey hunting. 20 Ga is actually better for dove shooting.


Purchase the right pellets according to the choke besides buying a perfect choke. The smaller the shot, the denser the pattern of your shot. However, we suggest visiting the link of each product and choosing your own choke.

Ask the seller any question, if there is any inquiry. Hopefully, you will get the best choke for dove hunting from here.

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