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For goose hunting, the kind of shotgun choke has a significant impact on hunt’s outcome. For goose hunting you need a specific good one to satisfy your mind.

What is the best choke for goose hunting? Improved cylinder and a modified choke with steel shots are best for duck hunting. Improved choke provides a wide shot for close targets. Modified choke is tighter yet it won’t over-constrict hard non-toxic shot and blow patterns.

There are various chokes for goose hunting. How can you choose the best choke for goose hunting? Let’s check out two of the best chokes.

What Size Choke Is Needed For Goose Hunting?

It depends on the length of the shooting. If the shooting length is between thirty and forty yards, use an advanced cylinder or a modified choke to discharge medium spread holes. If the duck is too far away from you, you should use the full choke.

How Many Pellets Need To Kill A Goose?

For 30 yards distance it will take 4 pellets of steel shot to down a goose but for a shorter distance only 3 pellets can be needed.

What Makes A Choke Noted For Goose Hunting?

An accurate shot delivery and shooting length.Best Pick

Carlson’s Beretta Benelli Mobil Cremator Non-Porter Snow Goose Choke Tube

For its well pattern, this choke very popular with the users. The ports of this choke do a great job of reducing the recoil for each shot.
So this choke is great choice for goose hunters. Let’s see the features of the choke.

  • Constriction: Mid range having a diameter of 0. 710”
  • Pattern: 25% longer Parallel Section
  • Metallurgy:Made from 17-4 Stainless
  • Restriction:The Cremator series has no size or speed restrictions with steel shot in any of the three constrictions.

We got positive feedback from buyers and users. No one complained regarding services or anything of the item. But we like to share a few disadvantages of the product below-

  • Loose: Often get loosed while using.
  • Capability: Long Range cannot be used with any steel shot larger than #2.

What We Liked

  • Recoil is reduced
  • Muzzle sway is reduced
  • Resistant to corrosive damage
  • Matte finish improves camouflage

What Need Improvement

  • A little bit critical to install.

Top Pick

Patternmaster 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester

It is a single tube that will get it done in everything from the Arkansas timber, Eastern Shore Geese, all the way Georgia Dove Field and still hold its own on a Missouri Longbeard.
If you are a discreet hunter, you will definitely choose this tube for goose hunting. Features are listed below:

Construction:  Its patented stud ring design shortens the shot string immensely.

  • Pattern: “Improved Modified” with 3 ½” shells.
  • Metallurgy: Titanium infused 17-4 aircraft quality stainless-steel and are heat treated to the optimum level.
  • Range: Has an effective range out to 70 yards.

Instead of getting all positive reviews, you also add some bothering features of the product. Criticized features –

  • Not for ammunition: It is not ideal for ammunition with a flight control wad.

What We Liked

  • Works with steel, hevi-shot and other non-toxic shot
  • Optimum results are with loads less than 1550fps
  • The size of this choke tube varies with 2 adjustments making it more versatile than other chokes at this price range.
  • 70% shot string reduction
  • Quicker release of gas

What Need Improvement

  • Not for use with ammunition containing flight control wad or slug ammunition.


After a brief description of everything, now you will probably get a good idea of ​​ a reliable choke for goose hunting.Hope this review will help you to choose best choke for goose hunting.

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