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The shooting of sporting clays with a shotgun is always recreational and enjoyable. Professional shooter to beginner practice sporting clays shooting for proficiency. So, the choke is for sporting clays must be specially designed. 

What is the best choke for sporting clays? A round of sporting clays or 5-Stand is shot using three different choke constrictions. A close range choke such as cylinder, skeet or a mid-range choke such as skeet 2 (lite modified) or modified and a longer range choke such as improved modified, full or ex full.

Sporting clays are also referred to as golf with a shotgun. The game is designed to imitate the hunting of birds, pigeons, ducks, etc. Unlike the skeet or trap shooting, sporting clays don’t have any particular range or distance.

But the shooter must be sharp enough to catch all the flying clays with his gun. Therefore, a good choke is needed besides becoming a sharpshooter.

Before moving any further, let’s have a look at the products we have in store for you.

Is Sporting Clays The Same As Skeet Or Trap Shooting?

These are different from angles, target sizes, range etc. But the similarity lies only in shooting with a shotgun.

What Shot Should I Use For Sporting Clays?

If it is 12 GA lead shoot, you are allowed to use shot size above 6, and the load is permitted 1 1/8- ounce.

What Is The Best Shotgun For Sporting Clays?

Browning, Beretta, Benelli, Blaseretc these are the best for sporting clays.

How Many Chokes Shall I Get For Ordering This Choke Tube?

Only one choke tube will be provided, but you will get a choke wrench along with it.Best Pick

Carlson 12 GA Sporting Clays Choke

8.4 out of 10

Carlson’s tube is a great and precious product from manufactural, amenities, and features. The product is made under the USA technology. The tube provides a 25% consistent and longer shot. Moreover, it offers tighter and parallel shots. The extended choke tube is also knurled safely so a user can quickly remove the tube.
Compression: The choke tube has a compression of 0.700, which indicates its choke constriction level and its impact on shot pattern.
Durability: The Carlson choke tube is known for its long-lasting durability, ensuring it can withstand repeated use and maintain performance over time.
Besides, different kinds of a shot are allowed to use like Copperplate, Lead, Hevi-Shot, Nickel, Bismuth, etc. Now have a look at the features below.

9.8 out of 10
Build Quality
8 out of 10
9.4 out of 10
7.9 out of 10
6.8 out of 10


USA Technology: The Carlson 12 GA Sporting Clays Choke is manufactured using USA technology, ensuring high-quality construction and performance.

Longer and Consistent Shot: The choke tube provides a 25% longer and consistent shot, allowing for improved accuracy and pattern consistency.

Securely Knurled: The extended choke tube is safely knurled at the end, making it easy to remove and facilitating quick setup.

Compatible with Various Shot Types: The Carlson choke tube is compatible with different types of shots, including Copperplate, Lead, Hevi-Shot, Nickel, Bismuth, etc., providing versatility for different shooting preferences.

Wide Shotgun Compatibility: The choke tube fits with popular shotgun models such as Winchester, Mossberg, Browning Invector, and others, enhancing its usability for a range of firearms.


Incompatibility with Steel Shot: The choke tube is not compatible with steel shot wider than BB. It is important to use the appropriate shot size to avoid any potential harm.

Limited Shotgun Compatibility: The choke tube is not suitable for all types of shotguns. It is designed for specific firearms, so compatibility should be verified before purchasing.

Carlson’s tube is a great and precious product from manufactural, amenities, and features. The product is made under the USA technology. The tube provides a 25% consistent and longer shot. Moreover, it offers tighter and parallel shots. The extended choke tube is also knurled safely so a user can quickly remove the tube.
Besides, different kinds of a shot are allowed to use like Copperplate, Lead, Hevi-Shot, Nickel, Bismuth, etc. Now have a look at the features below-

Standard Manufacturer: 

Thechoke tube is constructed with USA Technology. 17-4 steel is used to make the body of the tube robust. Besides, the tubes are polished with non-glaze matte. 

  • Securely Knurled:

The tubes are extended and safely knurled at the end of the barrel. That makes it easy to remove tubes and quick setup. 

  • Provides Consistent Pattern:

Carlson’s tube offers a 25% longer and smooth parallel section. A shooter can focus and have an excellent feeling hunting with this choke. 

  • Shotguns That Are Usable:

The Carlson’s tube goes with Winchester, Mossberg, Browning Invector, etc. And also, the guns match with the model of the tube that fits with the choke tube. 

The inconveniences found from users review and response is very natural. But everyone should be sure before purchasing a product. So, the disadvantages are provided below

  • Steel Shot not Compatible:

Steel shot is usually used. But if the shot is wider than BB, it is not compatible to use. Otherwise, it can be harmful. 

  • Doesn’t Fits With All Types Of Shotgun:

Some specific guns are allowed to use with this choke tube. Not every kind of shotguns is usable. 

What We Liked

  • Compression is 0.700. 
  • Life long durability. 
  • It securely knurled at the end. 
  • 17-4 steel construction with a matte finish. 
  • Fits with Winchester, Browning Invector, Weatherby, etc. 

What Need Improvement

  • Fits with only particular shotguns.
  • Steel shot wider than BB is not usable.

Top Pick

Carlson 12 GA Benelli Sporting Clays

Carlson’s 12 GA choke is the best choke for sporting clays shooting. It is made of 17-04 steel and other materials. Which made the body of the choke perfect for shooting and durable. The choke provides 25% deeper and longer shooting parallel.
Moreover, the choke is free from muzzle jump and recoil. Besides, the choke is allowed to use many loads like Nickel, Bismuth, tungsten, Copperplated, etc. And it comes with a Choke wrench.

  • Comes with equipment:

The Carlson choke offers two different colors: black and stainless steel. And also the choke included a choke wrench. 

  • Manufactural:

The choke is built with stainless steel (17-04) and other required material. That makes the product more robust and effective. Moreover, the choke body has a laser printed referencing number.

  • Long and sharp shot:

The choke allows 25% long and dense shot to the target. A shooter will find comfort with the choke. It ensures the parallel shooting to the target. 

  • Muzzle jump and easy insertion:

The choke is designed specially, and constructionally it doesn’t have any defect. The choke provides comfort by ensuring low recoiling and less muzzle flip. Besides, it is quick and easy to use.

Apart from this, every coin has two sides. If there are advantages, disadvantages also present there. So, have a look at the disadvantages below

  • Incompatible for large BB:

Small steel lead is allowed to be used, but large steel is incompatible. It cannot be used if it is larger than BB.

  • High price:

According to the choke’s quality, the price is fair, but many may find it a bit costly.

What We Liked

  • Easy insertion and quick dispel.
  • It is a sturdy and durable choke.
  • It fits with beretta/Benelli arms.
  • It offers a 25% dense and long parallel shot.
  • Steel, Lead, tungsten, Bismuth, Nickel, Copperplated, and Hevi-shot are allowed to be used.

What Need Improvement

  • Larger Steel shot is not allowed if the BB size is larger.
  • A bit expensive. 

Best Choke for Sporting Clays – Buying Guide

Sporting clay shooting are used to obscure the target and traps are usually hidden, so people get more surplice/shock and practice to deal with unexpected, unwanted obstacles in a rush.

All the shooter starts their shotgun in an un-mounted low position. A puller delays the target anywhere up to three sec after the shooter calls for.

A shooter squad consists of 2-5 people led through the course by the curse guide. The course guide will launch the targets too and score with every shoot. The weapons are only loaded when shooters enter into the shooting station.

Every shooter will get his or her chance to score. The rule is before the shoot the first shooter of the squad in the squad has the right to call for a target presentation. Targets are placed at different points of the ground. Some you will found near your eyes some are maybe beyond 40 yards.

In addition, changing new chokes for sporting clays is a common practice. Experience shooters can change chokes within just second. You can cover target inside 20 yards with the Improved Cylinder choke with a load of soft lead no 9. And the hard lead no 8 or 7.5 can handle 30 yards. For longer shots full choke, 7.5 trap loads, shift to Modified Chokes are better.

What Chokes to Use for Clay Shooting?

Sports clay target shootings could fly at nearly any angle as you can think and the patterns are unique.

The pattern or target playing is called a different name like report pairs, exact pair, driven shot, fur and features soon. The often used choke for clay shooting is Negative, Light Modified, Modified, Improved Modified, Light full, Full, Skeet, and Improved Cylinder.

We already talked about IC, Full, Modified, etc. Notably, the Negative is more useful on clay shooting. It often called as Spreader Choke. It’s Ideal for sports clay shooting, and teal target. It has inside diameter more significant than the bore of a barrel. To achieve this greater diameter this choke extended beyond the muzzle. The pattern opens wide quickly and makes it easy to connect on close in your close target.

Sporting Clays Choke Chart


Should you want a sturdy, durable and long-lasting choke, Carlson Choke is the best choke for sporting clays. The sellers guarantee these item regarding quality. When buying a product, always pay attention to the quality first. And also, see whether the item is suitable for work or not.

However, any customer has any questions about the product contact the seller. Besides, read the other customer comment and ratings before purchasing the item.

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