Best Choke for Stoeger 2023 ~ Turkey, Goose, Duck, Waterfowl Hunting!

So, you, too, are planning for hunting this season. Obviously, why not. It’s the best season for it, right? And like every other person, you will also use a Stoeger for doing this perfectly. And it’s not finished yet. You’ll also need a choke. Don’t say us, you are out of chokes!

Yes, yes, we know it’s so easy and annoying to lose chokes this fast. You cannot stop that. But what you can do is get chokes for your Stoeger before summer ends. Now, the problem is how to know which is the best choke for Stoeger?

Fret not. We are here to help you. We have researched endlessly only for you to present this list of items. And finally, we have narrowed down and handpicked the 6 best chokes for your Stoeger.

Got a little time to check out our recommendation? Then go on.

1. Carlson’s Turkey Choke Tube – Best Turkey Choke for Stoeger M3500

How about looking at our best bet on this precise list – Carlson’s Turkey Choke Tube. A famous brand with reliable features is all that we ask for. And Carlson’s is exactly that.

You have full right to ask that why you shall choose this. Most importantly, the choke is made up of furnished stainless steel. Let us say more. To spice things up, it also fits with Beretta and Benelli Stoeger.

The main selling point of this item is it is specially designed for the tightest pattern and longer downrange reach. No wonder it is popular among hunters as the best turkey choke for Stoeger M3500. When you are going to any turkey woods, this Carlson’s choke will give the most high-grade satisfaction.

Furthermore, it has specific technology that prevents the choke from deformation and shortened string. The killing performance of this item is just utterly appreciable.

What We Liked

  • Allows the most crushing pattern and greater downrange
  • 25% longer parallel section
  • Triple shot technology to prevent damage
  • Best price

What Need Improvement

  • Less tight than factory choke
  • Does not fit with every brand

2. Carlson’s Long Range Choke Tube – Best Choke for Snow Goose Stoeger M3000

Attention! We are gonna announce the first runners-up of our list. Unsurprisingly, they belong to the same manufacturer. Curious to know why they rule the market? Well, we are here to break it down.

First of all, this matt black choke is also prepared using stainless steel. This material ensures that the product is not rusted or damaged in any weather. This is the best choke for snow goose Stoeger M3000 as it can handle this weather as well as specialized features for long-range.

Similar to the previous product, this also fits perfectly well with Mobil. And the most impressive feature is how much more even spread it is. It is the most amazing and useful choke you’ll meet today.

Other than that, with this, you can free yourself from all tension of handling it. It needed no wrench at all. Yes, you read it right. You can simply just install and remove carelessly whenever and wherever.

What We Liked

  • Stainless steel protects from wetness
  • Long-range
  • No wrench is needed
  • Lifetime warranty

What Need Improvement

  • Only one size is available
  • It is not a universal choke

3. Carlson’s Beretta Benelli Choke Tube – Best Choke for Duck Stoeger M3500

In the third place, we bring you another product of the same brand. Don’t be bored, being the same brand, this choke has some unique features, unlike others. If you are planning for duck hunting, this should be the one! It’s no surprise that this is the best choke for duck Stoeger M3500.

Do you know what’s it that differentiates this choke from others? This choke is specifically designed for mid-range shots. No worry about that.

Apart from that, this choke will provide you 25% parallel section. Don’t get it, right? Truly, by this, we mean the chokes would produce more dense patterns. Yes, a lot of brand doesn’t give so much flexibility.

Wait, don’t miss the extra feature. It is well designed such that it makes removal and installation a piece of cake. Also, it gives superb muzzle protection. Now, you don’t have to go through the hassle of spending on a wrench.

What We Liked

  • No size restriction
  • No wrench needed
  • Triple sot technology
  • 25% more parallel section for denser pattern

What Need Improvement

  • You cannot use long-range with any steel that is larger than 2.
  • No warranty

4. Carlson’s Buckshot Choke Tube – Best Buckshot Choke for Stoeger M3500

Next up, lay your eyes on another choke from Carlson’s. This popular choke, which is the best buckshot choke for Stoeger M3500, is 10/10 on looks and virtues. How? Let’s see.

To begin with the looks, we must say the black color and simple design of the choke will force you to fall in love with it. And likewise, it is too built with stainless steel. And we guess you already know now what it does? It protects the choke from rust.

Interestingly, the choke has an in-built feature that enables it to use lead, steel, and even Hevi-shot loads. This new technology also optimized the item for larger and shorter load patterns.

And to the end, it has the best trait that helps reduce muzzle jump and recoil. We know you will never get so much in a single choke. So, what’s stopping you from picking it?

What We Liked

  • It can be used for any loads
  • Designed for different load patterns
  • Recoiling feature
  • No wrenches are needed

What Need Improvement

  • It cannot be used with steel shots larger than that of BB
  • Not suitable for steel shots faster than 1500 fps

5. Carlson’s Non-Ported Waterfowl Choke Tube – Best Waterfowl Choke for Stoeger M3500

Are you planning to hunt ducks or geese, we mean waterfowls? Then this is the best Waterfowl Choke for Stoeger M3500. Stop your searching now and fill yourself with the qualities of the new product.

Would you believe it if we told you that this choke has no size or speed restriction? Yes, my friend. Hence, you can imagine how useful this item is for your Stoeger.

Already half’s the battle won, but there are also some additional features that you should acknowledge too. One of them is the 25% parallel section of this choke. Also, we all are well aware by now, this would make your patterns denser and tighter. And bullseye!

And not to mention, with all of these numerous benefits, you’ll also get a quick and easy installation and removal without the wrench. Overall, this gives muzzle protection to your choke.

What We Liked

  • No speed or size restriction
  • Protected from rust
  • Extended choke
  • Easy installation and removal

What Need Improvement

  • Little bit pricey
  • No manufacturer warranty

6. Carlson’s Clays Choke Tube – Best Extended Choke for Stoeger M3500

And we close our list with choke tubes of the same manufacturer. Wondering why again? Well, because it’s quite different from the previous ones.

The first and foremost facility that you are gonna get is the variety of choices in a single item. You can simply get an extended tube, modified, improved modified, or even a skeet. Interesting.

Ouch! Did we mention to you that it’s the best extended choke for Stoeger M3500? Yup, with these modified, extended chokes, you will get an immediate result. Now, go flex around your friends with the best shots.

Ultimately, this matt-finish product looks so fascinating that it makes anyone love them at first sight. And we know it’s too hard to resist when they are also giving out free wrench only for you.

Yes, so wait no more!

What We Liked

  • Special protection from rust
  • Wrench included
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • High quality

What Need Improvement

  • The thread is too small
  • Hard to fit with other than Beretta/Benelli Mobil

Frequently Asked Questions

What chokes do Stoeger use?

Stoeger mainly uses the chokes of Beretta/Benelli. It is considered that Stoeger is owned and manufactured by these two companies. Except for this, there are other less common ones like Browning Invector.

Is the Stoeger M3500 good?

One thing we all must agree is that Stoeger M3500 is the finest and most reliable shotgun you’ll ever have. With this, you can undoubtedly hunt any animal from duck to goose. Don’t worry, they are the champion.

Does Stoeger use Benelli chokes?

Yes, Stoeger uses Benelli chokes. And why not? They are the best type of chokes that are perfectly compatible with these Stoeger.

Are Stoeger chokes rated for steel?

Of course, they are. The steel ensures that the choke has a tighter and perfect pattern. Using this, we will lose every fear of missing any shot.

Can you shoot steel through a Stoeger turkey choke?

Stoeger Turkey choke is not suitable for shooting steels; we do not recommend that. It’s a big NO. Please stay away from such usage.

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Wrapping Up

And that brings us to an end. Thanks for keeping up so far. We genuinely appreciate that.

We, too, hope this in-depth analysis of the best choke of Stoeger has helped you to come to your decision. Still, confused? Just go through the pros and cons of each product. Indeed, it would do the work.

We ensure that these 6 chokes are the best and trending in the market. Don’t miss this. Try one from here. Happy Hunting!

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