What Choke Tube for Slugs

Rifle with empty shells and choke tubes lie on a wooden table

Hunting is a popular sport for many. There is nothing better than grabbing a group of guys and setting off on a hunting weekend. While some hunt for sport, there are more dedicated hunters who enter competitions or hunt on overpopulated game farms. Knowing what shotgun to use and the best ammunition types to use … Read more

What are the Notches on Choke Tubes

Choke gun and key for them isolated on white back

A choke is a tapered constriction of a barrel’s bore located at the muzzle end. Its primary purpose is to shape the spread of a shot for better range and accuracy. It is designed to alter the distribution of the pellets of a shot.  Since their invention in 1866, chokes have evolved several times. The … Read more

How to Install Choke Tube

Shotgun barrel still smoking after a shot

Despite the connotations and assumptions brought about by the likes of video games and movies, the humble shotgun is a highly versatile firearm that any hunter or sports shooter worth their salt should include in their arsenal. Shotguns owe their versatility to chokes, tiny devices that can be attached to the front of the barrel … Read more

Are Extended Choke Tubes Better

hunter aiming a shotgun among cattail

Shotguns are versatile firearms used by hunting and sporting enthusiasts. They have many parts, and these parts have various functions, irrespective of their size. One of the parts of a shotgun is the choke. You can find many kinds, one of which is an extended choke tube. But is it better to use? Find out … Read more