How To Shoot Sporting Clays and Where To Shoot?

how to shoot sporting clays

Sporting clays is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing games in the world. It is also called “golf with a shotgun”. This game is designed for entertainment and especially simulating field shooting. This is a perfect game that helps you to obtain accuracy on multiple flying targets. In this article, we are going to … Read more

What Is Skeet Shooting and How To Shoot Skeet?

what is skeet shooting

Skeet shooting has been developing for many years to flourish hunting skills in the field. It is now has emerged as a competitive game because of its thriving image and popularity. Skeet is a systematic way to improve your wing shooting ability. This game is also best for recreation and entertainment. In this article, we … Read more

What Is Buckshot and Where To Shoot Buckshot?

what is buckshot

If you are a passionate shooter and have a shotgun for defending your home or hunting or shooting purposes, it should probably be loaded with buckshot. Buckshot is very ideal for short-range defense or shooting or hunting. Buckshot comes in a variety of sizes. Different sizes have different ranges and features. We are going to … Read more

How To Shoot Goose?

how to shoot a goose

Goose shooting is a playful but challenging job. A good shoot shines your face with a smile and a mistake brings sorrow for you. Like other shootings, goose shooting requires a combination of skill, experience, patient, and proper instruction. It is more instructive rather than mechanical. You need to know where and how to shoot … Read more